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Olimpia e Humanitas: la salute fa canestro

Agonism yes, but attenzi one maximum health . This is the message that ‘ Olimpia Milano , the most titled basketball clubs in Italy and one of the most successful in Europe, collaborazi one with Humanitas , wants to spread among young athletes. As part of the ‘ Armani Junior Program , a project that involves 78 clubs affiliated Basketball Olimpia Milano – a total of more than 10,000 young fans of the sport – in a series of activities dedicated to children to promote healthy values of sports , Humanitas has disposizi one his team of sports traumatology , led by Professor Piero Volpi , through orthopedic visits for young people who live basketball like a dream.


“It is important to follow the boys while taking their first steps on the sports fields – says Dr. Antonio Orgiani , orthopedic team of prof. Piero Volpi -. Prevent injuries or other issues related to sports is vital. The Armani Junior Program is a valid and ambitious project that offers the opportunity for many families to have a qualified reference point on the orthopedic front, allowing young athletes a more natural approach to the world of medicine in an environment so rich of sports history. ”


“Thanks to Humanitas – says Paul Monguzzi responsible dell’Armani Junior Program – we can guarantee a first free medical diagnosis to members of our affiliated companies. This service is particularly pleasing to all those companies that, as happens in most of the amateur world, can not afford a social sports doctor . Every week a specialist Humanitas visit the boys and the girls directly from our gyms. It so happens that young athletes entering the room dedicated to the visits immediately after samples of the ‘ EA7 Emporio Armani Milano . Collaboration, therefore, with Humanitas allows us to expand the range of services offered to our societies, with the certainty to be entrusted to an extremely serious and competent partner. ”


Commentary by Dr. Antonio Orgiani

Of Orthopaedic Trauma Unit of the sport of Humanitas Rozzano



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